You are a recent college grad, or soon to be college grad.

And you are looking for that one opportunity to find your place in the world. Maybe even actually use that degree in which you put so much effort.

Let’s talk about the opportunities at foodguys.

I know there are a lot of places that say they have great culture. There are a lot of places that say you can make great money. There are a lot of places that say you are important. There are a lot of places that promise you the moon.

We can say that about foodguys, except we don’t promise you the moon. We promise to provide you with the materials and education necessary to build your own rocket to get there.

What is the opportunity? Well, to put it simply, it’s sales.

We work with customers who are passionate about their products. They have a dream, and they are living their dream. Our customers have worked hard, and they need you in their corner for their next stage of success.

What will you be doing?

Working with food manufacturers. Interviewing them. Get to know their processes, their price points, their pain points. Understand them and their story.

Then find the ingredients that meet their requirements and sell those ingredients to them.

This is a rare opportunity. It can take you into the top 3% of sales earning potential within three years.

We’ll give you the blue prints, we’ll give you the tools and materials. Go build your rocket. Your destination is in your hands.

Learn more today.