A global collaboration of people, places and ingredients


foodguys specializes in raw ingredient sourcing for food companies all over the world. We have a saying, “everything under the sun” and we mean it. Last year foodguys sold over 300 types of ingredients to over 500 customers. We specialized in everything from IQF mango chunks to chicken frames to quinoa, in pallet quantities and up to multi-container imports.

Who are foodguys’ customers?

Mostly businesses that have grown through passion. foodguys specializes in that customer that has a story to tell. Our clients are passionate about their products and customers. What makes a foodguy or foodgal tick? Supporting these businesses, and getting the job done so our customers’ lives are smoother.

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Big Guy Properties

Big Guy Properties owns 10 property companies throughout Oregon and Ohio. Here is a partial list of our property holdings:

  • Home Buyers Northwest LLC
  • Quadrant Investments LLC
  • Arbor Grove Properties LLC
  • Pioneer Trail Properties LLC
  • One Rowland LLC
  • Julien Real Estate LLC
  • Pollyanna Properties LLC
  • Dayton Residential Properties LLC

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